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Step 2: Become a Member

Become a member of GTAMC today...Online!

Just click on the Checkout button to the right.  Dues are $15.00/one year, $25.00/two years, or $100.00/lifetime membership.

Or send your: name, e-mail address, address, telephone number, and child's school/grade, along with tax-deductible membership dues, to GTAMC, P.O. Box 60243, Potomac, MD 20859-0243.

Why should you become a member of the Gifted and Talented Association of Montgomery County (GTAMC)?
  • Your membership gives GTAMC greater clout with MCPS and the County Council. 
  • Your membership supports our advocacy training programs.
  • Your membership supports our informational and educational programs, including: Summer in January (our summer camp and activities fair); College Admissions information programs; Middle and High School Magnets and Elementary School Centers for the Highly Gifted informational meetings/student panels; and programs with education experts and MCPS officials.
  • Your membership allows us to provide grants for the innovation of new programs for high-achieving students (such as our start-up funding for MCPS' William & Mary program.)
  • Your membership builds GTAMC's war chest for research and any potentially necessary lawsuits involving MCPS' actions.
  • Your membership allows you to vote in GTA elections, or to serve as an officer or committee chairperson of GTAMC.
We welcome donations as well!