Challenge Every Child Campaign

For several years the Montgomery County Education Foundation has been advocating against 2nd grade gifted and talented identification, against the gifted and talented "label," and for a one size fits all curriculum.  This past fall, they launched what they dubbed the "No Labels, No Limits" campaign and have been lobbying the MCPS Board of Education to adopt their ideological viewpoint.  (See News section for links to stories)

This spring (March 2011), GTAMC decided enough was e
nough, that a response was needed. 

Challenge Every Child

On March 16, 2011 GTAMC launched the Challenge Every Child Petition on this website, calling on the MCPS Board of Education to:
  1. Continue the Grade 2 identification of gifted and talented students, and expand the use of formal instructional recommendations to include future grades 
  2. Restore flexible homogeneous grouping of students with peers of similar ability and motivation in all local schools; and
  3. Develop, implement and monitor higher level curricula and benchmarks matched to the needs and abilities of gifted children.

In addition:

In a little over a week and a half, the petition garnered over 750 signatures and compelling public comments.  

The petition -- 723 signatures with comments, 109 pages long -- was submitted to the BOE and MCPS leadership at 1:00 pm on March 28 in preparation for the Board's meeting.  That evening over 50 gifted education supporters, wearing green and carrying "Challenge Every Child" signs, came to the Carver building and joined an overflow crowd of parent advocates.  GTA parent Lisa Silverberg, MCCPTA President Kristen Trible and MCCPTA GIfted Child Committee Chair Michelle Gluck offered strong testimony during the public comment period.  

GTA drew a line in the sand, put the MCPS Board of Education on notice and made a strong, public show of support for gifted education in the county. 

What Next

Because it so effectively captures the experiences of MCPS parents, the petition -- now with over 800 signatures -- will remain open and  be updated periodically.

To learn what your fellow MCPS parents think, READ -- and if you haven't done so already -- SIGN THE PETITION.  

Let your voice be heard.