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Montgomery County Public Schools: Where to Start

MCPS Policy Documents Governing Gifted Education 

MCPS Reports on Gifted Education

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) -

  • MCPS Staff Directory - Find MCPS Staff Members
  • Board of Education - All you need to contact and stay informed about the Board of Education.  Meet your representatives, watching streaming video of board meetings, read minutes of past meetings and more.
  • Office of Accelerated and Enriched Instruction - (Otherwise known as gifted education)  The mission of Accelerated and Enriched Instruction is the full implementation of the Policy on Enriched and Innovative Instruction in all schools in MCPS. This includes:
  1. developing and monitoring systemwide identification procedures;
  2. collaborating with the curriculum supervisors in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction to create curriculum documents that clearly define outcomes for students who are motivated or capable as well as the instructional strategies, resources and materials to achieve those outcomes;
  3. designing and implementing training, guidance, and support to other offices, departments, and divisions in fulfilling their responsibilities outlined in the policy and regulation; Advocacy, nurture and support of students from traditionally underrepresented populations in gifted and talented programs;
  4. providing consultative support to schools as they develop and refine their ongoing programs for gifted and talented students in compliance with the policy;
  5. developing and refining a continuum of innovative programming models to meet the needs of gifted students at their home schools through such offerings as advanced level, honors, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate courses, and through centers and magnets programs.
  • Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs - "The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs (OCIP) provides systemwide leadership for a unified approach to the development and implementation of rigorous curriculum, programs, assessments, instructional resources, and grading and reporting that prepare all students to learn without limits and to meet or exceed local, state, and federal assessment requirements."
  • Office of Shared Accountability  - The Office of Shared Accountability provides information and analyzes that support continuous improvement in the academic and operational services in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). Excellent source for detailed reports about different MCPS programs and initiatives.
  • Elementary Instruction and Achievement - Support principals and teachers in the implementation of the Montgomery County Public Schools' curriculum, instruction, and assessment programs, and communicates information to the wider community.
  • Middle School Instruction and Achievement -Same as above, but for middle school.
  • High School Instruction and Achievement - Same as above, but for high school.
  • MAP-R Central – MCPS NWEA/MAP-R Help Desk -The map is adaptive testing administered at least twice a year to MCPS students between grades 3 and 8.  Because it has a high "ceiling", detailed reporting that is quickly available, it is a potentially powerful tool for parents interested in monitoring their child's progress and advocating for appropriate instruction.
  • MCPS Special Programs - Source for important information on magnets, consortia, Centers for the Highly Gifted and other programs.
  • Parent Information and Training Center - Once useful, now moribund.